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TABcom, LLC retains eBrand Media

May 25th, 2010
eBrand Medianista

TABcom, LLC chooses eBrand Media to manage a critical digital marketing channel for its Garden division.

PORTLAND, Ore.–(eBizine)–5/17/2010–8:50 AM – Pets United rebranded as Tabcom, LLC to better reflect its growing number of diversified e-commerce businesses. After months of research, and a thorough investigation of competing agencies, Tabcom, LLC chose eBrand Media, and its long-time technology partner, to manage search engine marketing for its division. eBrand was chosen over the competition because of its proven ability to provide industry-leading marketing solutions that meet or beat client mandated performance metrics.

“We’re extremely proud to have won the business of TABcom. We understand that when a company chooses our agency, they are, in essence, entrusting, at least in part, their hopes and goals to my team and me. Since the day we opened our doors in 2005, we’ve helped to increase revenue, enhance the ROI, and expand market share for dozens of clients”, said Tom Polanski, EVP of Sales and Client Development. “We’ve delivered a string of successes that has resulted in a client retention rate of about 97%. In summary, we’ve effectively launched and managed hundreds of online marketing campaigns across multiple platforms with dozens of publishers, networks, and databases.

Mr. Polanski continued, “eBrand Media clients have found that our wealth of experience and knowledge dramatically increases the probability of success, as defined by hitting targeted performance metrics, when we manage the launch and optimization of campaigns. More often than not, we’re able to save our clients the cost of testing because we know where to broadcast their message so that it reaches their target audience at the right time in the shopping process”

About TABcom, LLC

Tabcom operates,,,,,, and, among tohers. It owns more than 5,000 domain names and its network of sites attracts more than 2 million unique visitors per month. Tabcom now operates about 12 web sites and hopes to grow that number to 15 or 16 by the end of the year. E-commerce sites in the works include and

About eBrand Media

eBrand Media provides digital marketing and advertising services to established and emerging companies. Our state of the art technologies, proprietary marketing systems and years of experience empower us to not only create innovative, high performance internet marketing campaigns from scratch but to optimize underperformers. Whether we create a marketing campaign from the ground up or improve an existing campaign the goal is always the same: to meet or beat mandated success metrics. eBrand Media is where exciting new ideas and strategies are born.

When your message has less than seven seconds to make an impact, marketing can be like playing darts in a dark room. Hit the bulls-eye with the eBrand Media Group. We deliver proven marketing solutions.