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September 11th, 2010
eBrand Medianista

Native advertising uses sponsored content seamlessly placed on a site to educate and entertain viewers, earning their attention on behalf of the brand.

You can promote articles, videos, slideshows, infographics, or even earned media that offers informational or entertainment value to the audience.

With Medianista Proclaim, links to your content appear as recommendations on the web’s largest content publishers including sites like, People and ESPN. The more interesting your content and the more traffic you drive, the more it will be recommended around the web.

Reach an engaged audience through our flexible, pay-per-click model and grow traffic to your articles, blog, and your mobile-optimized video content. You control your budget, and better yet, it’s as simple as sending us a URL.

Medianista Proclaim drives success for businesses of all sizes, with measurable results against a broad range of marketing objectives.

As your audience migrates to mobile, we’ll put you in a position to greet them with your own great content, plus provide the tool set needed to monetize any mobile asset — on any platform and any device.

The Technical Breakdown

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) put together the Native Advertising Task Force which recently released the IAB Native Advertising Playbook to outline the six main native ad types and industry recommended disclosure principles.

In-feed / In-stream Content Placements  


Custom Platform Integration


Recommended Links Widgets


Sponsored Search Results


Native-integrated Traditional Display


Promoted Product Listings


Ads must match the look and feel of the surrounding content while being clearly marked as sponsored.

Ads must educate, entertain or otherwise add value without being disruptive.

Brand content must be contextually relevant to both the placement and the user for a natural fit.

Partnering with eBrand Media will ensure that you enjoy the greatest return on investment.