Latest news turns to eBrand Media for marketing help

November 21st, 2009
eBrand Medianista

Systemax partners with eBrand Media for revenue growth!

PORTLAND, Ore.–(eBizine)–11/21/2009 – 8:50 AM – As a result of the success eBrand Media has actualized for Tiger Direct; through it’s agency division, Medianista, our relationship with the Systemax Technology Group has broadened and deepened. Important marketing channels for the and websites have been placed in the care of eBrand Media and its technology partner. eBrand Media has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to provide industry-leading marketing solutions that meet or beat client mandated performance metrics.

“Since the day we opened our doors in 2005, we’ve helped to increase revenue, cut costs, and expand market share for dozens of clients”, said Tom Polanski, EVP of Sales and Client Development. “We’ve delivered a string of successes that has resulted in a client retention rate of about 97%. In summary, we’ve effectively launched and managed hundreds of online marketing campaigns across multiple platforms with dozens of publishers, networks, and databases.

Mr. Polanski continued, “eBrand Media clients have found that our wealth of experience and knowledge dramatically increases the probability of their success, as defined by hitting targeted performance metrics, when we manage the creation, launch, and optimization of digital marketing campaigns. We’ve spent millions of dollars refining advertising formulas that drive high-quality traffic that converts into sales. Not to be discounted is the fact that we save our clients the cost of testing because we know, from years of gathering data, where to broadcast messages so that they reach targeted audiences at the right time in the shopping process.”