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eBrand Media launches Civil Responsibility Organization

February 1st, 2010
eBrand Medianista

Medianista and eBrand Media Launches Civil Responsibility Facebook Fanpage

PORTLAND, Ore.–(eBizine)–2/1/2010 – 8:50 AM – eBrand Media and Medianista endorse Online Civil Responsibility for the purpose of creating an awareness that the web is an environment, and like the three dimensional world around us, its vulnerable to pollution, and other types of degradation. Therefore Online Social Responsibility not only applies to interactions between marketers, companies and users of the web, along with our relationships with one another on Social Networks, but also to the interaction between the eyes, mind, feelings, and thoughts. eBrand Media will always support freedom passionately but we’re ardently against immoral means of manipulation meant to cause an action that an end- user will later regret.

Online Civil Responsibility is about connecting with individuals, companies and organizations who abide by the principles of transparency, honesty, and fair play. Our code of ethics and our beliefs are the conscience, heart, and backbone of eBrand Media. Companies who affirm Online Social Responsibility live by the core values listed on the next page. Do you? It matters how we play the game

Integrity means honoring our principles – and the rules – even when nobody’s watching. We will play fairly and collaboratively. We believe that honesty is a strong antidote to cynicism, and put we think that puts us on the winning team.

We will keep our customers Number 1 because they mean everything to us

Our customers are, in essence, entrusting their hopes and dreams to us. We have a responsibility to lead them toward success. We will carefully align our interests with theirs.

We will build relationships with open, clear communication

First and foremost, we must be communicators. We will communicate clearly, actively and effectively with our clients and the companies we do business with. We will make sure that every impression we make conveys the right message to our intended audience.

We will maintain relationships because they are of paramount importance

We will strive to anticipate the needs and desires of our clients and customers. We will give them candid consultations so that they can make informed choices. We will build long-term relationships and we will treat every new prospect fairly, patiently and ethically.

We believe that passion expressed actualizes online success

We will work towards achieving excellence by being emotionally, intellectually and spiritually engaged in our work. This will in turn make us exceptional and our results unprecedented.

We will be inclusive because it makes us stronger

We cherish diversity. When we embrace the feelings, thoughts and experiences of others it makes each of us more complete, and better able to connect with our customers.

We will create advertising that is intelligent and engaging

Too often ads are uninspired, patronizing, and offensive. They’re like second hand smoke. They seem to be intended for the lowest common denominator but in the end those very ads reflect on the company, and the team that created the ads, as the lowest common denominators.

We will provide clarity which will trump those with hidden agendas

We will not abuse the anonymity of the internet. We will conduct our business as if it were a store on the corner of State and Main Sts. in our home town. We will act as if we might meet a client in our local bank. We believe that the word will spread, people will come, and we’ll create a social movement born of the bond between our friends, fans, customers, and brand.

We will be respectful of our fans, friends, and followers

It’s not the numbers but the quality of the relationships we have. We will try to add value. We won’t always market, shout, and tout. We will take time to monitor the tweets in our stream and the scribbles in our feed for there will be times when the thoughts of others will spark our thinking in a whole new direction.

We will not do business with morally gray companies

If they’re tainted; we will be too by association. The greatest danger we face is the seduction of the material world; the fast buck. We believe that a high standard of living doesn’t necessary equate to a high quality of life.

We will read the Terms and Conditions when in doubt

Immoral marketers leverage the fact the internet is like a superhighway. They know that we suffer from a cultural deficit disorder. They understand the auto-responses within all of us and they know how to push those buttons. If an offer seems too good to be true it probably is. If we don’t bother to look for the trap door, or to read the Terms and Conditions, and if, as a result, we get taken then, in our opinion, we’re not allowed to play the victim.

To become a fan, click here, Online Civil Responsibility.

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