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eBrand Media Makes Search Marketing Easy

July 24th, 2011
eBrand Medianista

eBrand Media offers full service management of your marketing campaigns on all search engines.  With more than an decade of experience, we’ve built our business by driving qualified traffic and growing businesses through paid search marketing.

We’ll provide the proprietary platform and a team of industry experts. Our status as a preferred partner will give you access to new Google and Bing products, services, updates and changes before they’re widely known by others.


•     Keyword Management: Automated keyword generation and scoring. Expands your keyword list while maintaining quality to ensure comprehensive coverage for your entire product portfolio.
•     Landing Page Management: Deep links qualified traffic to your site, increases ROI. Adjusts bidding to search signals driving sales volume.
•     Custom Creative: Immediately applies library of effective known call-to-action descriptions. Increases engagement of your SEM ads by boosting ad copy engagement, CTR, and CTC.
•     Bid Management: Algorithm manages bids by device, time of day, region, and more.  Increases volume and delivers higher ROI by optimizing bids and placing your offer in front of the right person, on the right device, and the right time.
•    Ad Grouping: Automated grouping of keywords based on important product attributes. Groups similar products and delivers more targeted creative – improving effectiveness and bid efficiency.
•     Negative Match Feedback: Automated method of identifying and removing negative outliers. Improves performance and efficiency by responding to performance and eliminating terms that don’t perform.

Competitive Differentiators:

•    Proven Bidding Lift: Our algorithm delivers more efficient bidding; in part because of our bid management technologies and the ability of our account managers.
    Service by Experts: We provide dedicated team support. Each account manager and analyst will have over 9 years of Paid Search Management experience. Medianista clients still have the same account management team 8 years later. This consistency of application of best practices and technologies leads to continued growth and spectacular results for our clients.
•    A Customizable Platform: We understand that paid search doesn’t exist in a vacuum. For this reason, we have developed the most extensible platform in the industry. With proven integrations with ad serving (Dart, Atlas), analytics (Omniture, Google Analytics), call tracking (Mongoose Metrics and Bionic Click), and attribution solutions like ClearSaleing.  Medianista leverages the right data for optimization.

SEM Technology Differentiators:

•    API Sync: Our unique and automated synchronization ensures that all changes are automatically synchronized through our platform with Google and Bing servers thereby allowing us to continue to leverage all paid search products for your benefit.
    Predictive Bidding: The Medianista bidding solution is able to accurately predict the right bid down to the keyword level.
    Rules Based Bidding: Each keyword is treated like a micro-campaign with multiple rules in place based on dynamic recursive modeling.
•    Ad Group Optimization: Automatically suggests changes to ad group structure to maximize quality score.
•    Creative Optimization: Tests multiple creative within groups to maximize conversions.
•    Dynamic Campaign Creation: The Medianista system is able to automate the campaign creation process using structured data feeds, dynamically generating new keywords and creative, as well as deep linking ads based on product attributes in the feed.
•    Forecasting: Medianista can evaluate how changes to bidding targets will affect volume, cost, return on investment, and profit.
    Campaign Scheduling: We work with you to easily schedule when campaigns go-live and get pulled down. We’re able to set up your marketing calendar in advance and have campaigns go-live on an automated schedule. Highly efficient system which cuts waste and worry.
•    Online Reporting: A full suite of analytics with dozens of pages of specific and granular data.  Accessible 24/7/365.
    Cost controls: Industry leading “click charge” controls.
    Sentinel: Client-company search accounts are scrubbed regularly for “dupes” and “frauds”.
    Link Check: Proprietary technology that checks for link breakage every 24 hours.
    Back up: Complete redundancy; our system is never down.
•    Cross Domain Management: We manage paid search across multiple domains for a number of our advertisers.
•    Data Integrity: Multiple safeguards/firewalls are in place to insure the preservation and integrity of client data.
•    Confidentiality: We operate under the strictest of NDA’s and all client data and intelligence is guaranteed to be confidential.

Medianistas Assigned to Your Account:

•    Director of Client Development: Director of Client Development with over 8 years in successful search marketing will personally be responsible for the oversight of the initial transition period and guiding our proprietary ‘Pull & Post’ technology designed to ensure the integrity of the current campaigns with no degradation of performance. He will also be responsible for developing the strategy specifically for your account and will monitor the results for continued improvement of the account.
•    Senior Account Executive: The Senior Account Executive assigned to your account will have a minimum of 9 years in successful search marketing and be responsible for the implementation of campaign strategy, setting rules based parameters, guiding our tools for Day Part, A/B or Multi-Variant Testing, Landing Page Testing, Geo Targeting, and the overall day-to-day management of the account.
•    Senior Search Coordinator: The Senior Search Coordinator will work closely with both our Tech Department and the Senior Account Executive to leverage data feed for increased revenue/enhanced performance. Also responsible for monitoring automated data mining tools for the ongoing development of new iterations of over-performing products/keywords for introduction into Paid Search campaigns.
•    Project Engineer: A Project Engineer will be assigned to the account and become very familiar with nuances of the campaigns via ongoing XML product feed retrieval, ensuring rules settings and making any client mandated adjustments, API bidding and cost data retrieval, pixel generation and monitoring and any additional technical requests that may arise.
•    Project Flow Manager: Will manage project flow for the purpose of maintaining highest levels of efficiency, quality assurance and client satisfaction.

Other Marketing Channels:

•    Retargeting: Google retargeting managed by former Google Account Executive Stephanie Evangelista and her team.
•    Google Shopping (PLA’s): Simply supplying your feed to Google isn’t going to cut it. PLA’s demand specialized bid management and optimization tools. Our value proposition in regards to PLA’s is straight forward — we combine the best of both breeds: expert product feed optimization and management + automated bid optimization = the perfect hybrid approach necessary to generate dramatic revenue gains. We use the positive conversion data culled from PLA’s to optimize your Adwords accounts.
•    CSE’s and Amazon: No API here so we manage to meet or beat client goals by hand.

Finally, the process places the onus squarely on Medianista to smoothly transition client campaigns. We are fully aware of the fact that most clients have limited tech resources and thereby embrace all the “heavy-lifting”. Specifically, the entire campaign set-up process and transition are designed to require minimal tech resources from the client side with only two minor deliverables required.

Client Deliverables:

•    Tracking Pixel: Simple and straight forward implementation of a tracking pixel necessary to track search related transactions for appropriate, automated bidding strategies.
•    Product Data-Feed: We will request a data-feed of URL’s (if any) in XML format or FTP credentials to pick it up off of your servers. Importantly, any changes to your site, products, pricing, etc. are picked up nightly in the XML product feed, confirming that our system is only marketing the proper products at the appropriate prices.

That’s it. That’s all your team is required to contribute during the transition process!

Further, it should be noted that we have created a proprietary “Pull & Post” technology that ensures a seamless transition with NO DOWNTIME for our clients.  You will not go backwards!  And the system is compliant with ALL third-party analytics systems. Our process is engineered to make life easier for our clients. It’s battle tested in its capacity to protect against any spillage of client search revenue.

All accounts are successfully transitioned without so much as a hiccup and without going backwards.


•    Please contact your Medianista Business Ambassador for pricing options.

We’re confident that we can increase your paid search revenue, increase your return on ad spend after all costs are factored in including our fees and increase your conversion rate — at a lower cost than your current solution.