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The eBrand Medianista Method for Marketing Campaigns

December 5th, 2011
eBrand Medianista

Strategic Planning

We insist on a clear understanding of your vision, strategy, objectives and scope. Along with that understanding, we’ll have a firm grasp on the details of your business, brand and customers through our exclusive discovery process. Medianista will be there when your marketing campaign moves from concept to the reality of increased revenue. We use analysis, expertise, experience and an all-encompassing understanding of your business to successfully launch your company’s online endeavors for the purpose of achieving stratospheric success.

Primary Research

Simply put, primary research is research that’s tailored to your company’s particular needs. By customizing tried-and-true approaches – focus groups, surveys, field tests, interviews or observations – we can gain information about your target market. For example, we can investigate an issue that is specific to your business, get feedback about your web site, assess the demand for a proposed service, gauge response to various promotional options and ascertain how much consumers are willing to pay for a new product.

Secondary Research

If you’re considering extending your business into new markets or adding new services or product lines, we’ll start with secondary research. These secondary sources can include previous research reports, newspaper, magazine and journal content, government statistics, and studies conducted by publishers, networks and competitors.

Current Customer Analysis

We believe that the best way to create a new relationship is to understand, in particular, what you’re doing correctly in your current relationship. We use a number of methods designed to reveal who your customer base is, what they found attractive about your site in the first place, and why they bought from you rather than your competitors. This intelligence is crucial in determining your target audiences as you expand your market share.

Audience Analysis

Understanding your market is of critical importance. Even the most powerful and creative message will fail if it’s delivered inappropriately or broadcast to the wrong audience. We use our “storage house” of data gained from years of launching and maintaining thousands of campaigns to determine where your product or service has the best opportunity for success. We’ll evaluate areas where your business has excelled and we’ll study the demographic that has responded. We’ll then bring into focus a psychographic profile which includes the IAO (interest, attitude and opinion) variables of the people who responded to your offer. If necessary, we’ll then test the validity of our findings against those of long-time partners who have had experience with the same or similar products or services.

Competitor Analysis

Just what are your competitors up to? What are they doing right? What are they doing wrong? Medianista uses proprietary techniques to gather important information about your competitors that will help you grow your online presence as painlessly as possible. It doesn’t hurt that, since the year 2000, we’ve watched countless companies burn through millions of dollars in an attempt to find audiences that would convert into sales. We’ve learned from their mistakes. We’ll pass that knowledge on to you so that you won’t have to embark on an existential and costly journey to marketing enlightenment.

Gap Analysis

A “gap” is sometimes referred to as “the space between where we are and where we want to be.” Gap analysis is undertaken as a means of bridging that space. Gap analysis naturally flows from benchmarking or other assessments. Once we understand the general expectation of performance in your industry, we can then compare that with current capabilities. This becomes gap analysis that is customized to your particular offers and marketing efforts.

Industry Analysis

We can include a complete industrial analysis as part of the process. This will usually include: a review of your industry’s recent performance, its current status, and its outlook for the future. And that’s not all. We also analyze the medium where you’ll communicate your marketing messages. The internet is bottle-necked with marketing opportunities, and through our years of experience, along with our involvement with numerous think tanks and testing groups, we’ve compiled volumes of historical data for reference. We keep an ear to the ground while keeping an eye on the horizon for emerging marketing opportunities.

The Message

We won’t ever dismiss the good marketing work your company has done thus far. That wouldn’t serve your company’s ultimate objective – which is to drive down costs while increasing revenue. We’ll use what is best from the marketing you’ve done and combine it with our proven formulas for success. We’ll leverage your successes into business growth. Our processes will cultivate the essence of your message and refine that essence so that it ignites a buzz in your target market.

Brand Equity

Brand equity is the value a consumer places on your brand. However, it’s more than the value placed on the product or service; it encompasses everything that a consumer thinks, feels, and knows about your brand. Medianista uses its unique discovery process to ascertain the current equity of your brand and the tactics that should be used to enhance its value. The greatest content writer who ever lived, Shakespeare, once wrote that “familiarity breeds contempt”. That may be true with family but it’s not true on the web where familiarity breeds comfort with, and confidence in, your brand. The more often an end user sees your brand in relevant and positive placements across the internet, the greater the likelihood that they’ll become a customer of yours. We’re passionate about brands.

Partner Integration

It’s been said that the true definition of humility is an understanding of one’s strengths and of one’s weaknesses. If we don’t have a solution that serves your company’s higher purpose, we’ll integrate the services of partners who have greater experience in that arena. Medianista has subjected its’ partners to rigorous testing. Each has met carefully chosen and clearly defined criteria. We’re diligent about this process because we want to enhance the value of our brand. And the best way to do that is to provide you with only the best marketing solutions.

Campaign Testing

At this juncture, our proven processes have brought your offer to the launch pad. The only way to draw any conclusions about a media campaign is to put it in front of the end-user. You’ll find it instructive to see how users respond to your message, offer, and site.

These tests provide opportunities to witness your target audience interacting directly with your marketing. We’ll engage your prospects with your materials and monitor them. We’ll identify disconnects between their needs, your advertising, and the offers it represents. We’ll gauge the participant’s response to your marketing and cull the information needed to make your ongoing campaigns behave in a more predictable manner. This type of testing reveals which aspects of copy, creative, and placements, are most palatable; and ultimately lead to higher click-through and click-to-conversion rates. We’ll unearth vital information that is used to push revenue gains.

Based on our compiled data, we’ll execute recommendations that’ll improve your marketing plans and give you the ability to appeal in a more direct and compelling manner to your clients. Our objective is to help you create a positive user experience from beginning to end.

Ongoing Campaigns

iEngage, a proprietary system developed for ongoing campaigns, supports companies in developing valuable customer relationships by creating unique marketing messages that are responsive to the end users needs and preferences. In addition, we have other tools at our disposal that provide us with the information necessary to develop ancillary strategies that’ll further increase brand awareness and conversions while engendering loyalty in each targeted group. This gives you with the ability to make media investment decisions based on data from your most valuable customer sectors.

You are then able to “marry” buyers to your brand with relevant and compelling messages that energize your audience to take desired actions.

Partnering with Medianista will ensure that you enjoy the greatest return on investment.