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eBrand Media launches digital membership drive for zulily

November 30th, 2016
eBrand Medianista

zulily chooses eBrand Media to launch a digital membership drive

PORTLAND, OR-(eBizine)-11/30/2016-11:00 AM – eBrand Media, Inc. (EBM), a leading provider of digital advertising and marketing solutions to emerging and established businesses announced today that it has launched the first in a series of email marketing campaigns for the purpose of delivering high value members to zulily.

We’re pleased to have been chosen to launch and manage this membership campaign for zulily, said Tom Polanski, EVP of Sales and Client Development. “We’ll use Can-Spam compliant email marketing to find busy Moms looking for great deals. With over 100 million fresh double opted-in records available to us, we’re able to deliver a clients message to a wide variety of preferences, interests, habits and purchase histories.

“There are thousands of databases of email records but only a handful has any real value. Over the years we’ve discovered which databases will deliver an audience that is genuinely interested in a product, service, or in this case; membership.”

Mr. Polanski concluded with, “The two main elements to success in the generation of memberships that a client is able to monetize through several cycles are the quality of the marketing and the optimization of the program. We’ve spent millions of dollars refining a successful formula that produces traffic which will convert and scale to a high volume. As a result of the well documented success we’ve actualized for our clients; we have an increasing number of companies turning to us to manage lead generation campaigns.”

About zulily
zulily offer’s busy moms a free inside track to the most popular and up-and-coming brands at discounts of up to 70 percent off retail prices. Through private 72-hour sales, zulily offers high-end children’s apparel, toys, gear, and gifts that are timeless, safe, and stylish at deals that savvy moms love.

zulily features a wide selection of familiar favorites as well as exciting new brands and products. In addition, zulily features new private-sale events exclusively to members. Quantities are limited, so sales are based on a first come, first serve basis.

Using the private-sales model, zulily can keep its cost down and extend that cost savings to its members, while also helping boutique children’s brands sell their inventory in a very quick period of time. zulily dedicated to not only delivering a phenomenal website and superior customer service, but a continuing quest for perfection when it comes to the online order process.

About eBrand Media
eBrand Media provides digital marketing and advertising services to established and emerging companies. Our state of the art technologies, proprietary marketing systems and years of experience empower us to not only create innovative, high performance internet marketing campaigns from scratch but to optimize underperformers. Whether we create a marketing campaign from the ground up or improve an existing campaign the goal is always the same: to meet or beat mandated success metrics. eBrand Media is where exciting new ideas and strategies are born.

When your message has less than seven seconds to make an impact, marketing can be like playing darts in a dark room. Hit the bulls-eye with the eBrand Media Group. We deliver proven marketing solutions.