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eBrand Media partners with Zappos

January 5th, 2009
eBrand Medianista

eBrand Media partners with Zappos; delivers success by beating mandated performance goals

PORTLAND, Ore.–(eBizine)–01/05/2009 – 8:50 AM – Since the day eBrand Media began its partnership with Zappos, and took over management of a particular marketing campaign, eBrand Media has dramatically increased that company’s revenue, while significantly enhancing their return on ad spend.

The work the eBrand Media team has done is the stuff that case studies are made of. We’d like to go into details but given the nature of our competition, we’re hesitant to reveal too much, but let us say this; Medianista uses industry-leading, next generation technologies, and expert accounts managers, to do what our “celebrity” competitors can’t; hit the ball out of the park, time and again, for advertiser after advertiser.

Right now, though, we’d like to take a moment to express my admiration for the company. Later in this article is a case study regarding a successfull type of e-mail re-marketing that Zappos developed.

Early on in our discussions it was made clear that providing platinum level customer service and a wide ranging selection was of utmost importance to the company. We’ve often heard companies espouse this but I can tell you, from the way that we’ve been treated, that Zappos walks the talk. One can tell how a much a company values its brand by the way it treats its vendors.

Zappos has treated us wonderfully. Every person we’ve dealt with, and the team we currently work with, has been and is a delight. Zappos delivers a positive experience whether one is a customer or a vendor. That compelling experience creates brand loyalty: customers come back and vendors work harder. Zappos represents what we hoped e-commerce would become when we first began our careers in online marketing back 2002.

However, too many companies have lost sight of the fact that those numbers, names and e-mail addresses belong to real people with hopes, dreams, and fears. Zappos hasn’t lost sight of that.

Zappos invests in its people, processes, technologies and products. The end result is a level of efficiency that drives revenue gains while simultaneously cutting unnecessary costs. They manage expectations, and they keep their commitments. That means fewer products are returned, good will is created, rand customers return again, and again. Zappos generates the type of viral marketing that has been used for eons, and is still the best: positive work of mouth.

Kudos to Zappos…the eBrand Group is extremely proud to be participants in, and causative agents for, their continued success. Our companies, and our core values, synch perfectly.

Maybe that’s why they chose us when they had a host of vendors to choose from.