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The vanguard expertise of our channel management provides clients with the power to discover and capture customers at every stage of the purchase funnel. Best-in-class paid search, SEO, social, and display techniques are combined with select technology partners and in-house mobile, LPO, design, and analytics teams for top-to-bottom campaign optimization
eBrand Media utilizes proven marketing solutions, partners, and technologies for the purpose of controlling marketing expenses, removing unprofitable products, eliminating underperforming marketing channels, increasing margins, and acquiring new customers profitably for our clients.
eBrand Media is where profitable and scalable strategies are created. As a result of our state of the art technologies, proprietary marketing systems, and years of experience, we're often able to deliver as much as 3x growth in 3 months. Whether we create a marketing campaign from the ground up or improve an existing campaign the goal is always the same: to meet or beat mandated success metrics.
eBrand Media is able to deliver tens of thousands of conversions a month. From developing marketing strategies to the creation, implementation and management of profitable projects, eBrand Media offers advertising and marketing solutions customizable to fit your unique requirements.
eBrand Media integrates brands across different platforms and into people’s lives. Our dynamic marketing solutions meld the message and the mind to ignite a movement towards your business with a focus on increasing your revenue and profits. eBrand Media is optimized to accelerate client growth.
eBrand Media understands that value exists in quantifying the efficacy and profitability of marketing investments. Our seasoned analysts know what to measure, when to measure, and how to measure in order to achieve your goals and to establish specific steps to move the process along. eBrand Media knows how to translate data into revenue and an increased ROI

What We Do

Solve Problems

Business Intelligence

We take your key performance metrics and customize dashboards to focus on the critical data and key performance results ranging from a snapshot to more detailed and dynamic visuals. Deep insight and advanced predictive technology will identify the key aspects influencing your customers journey. From first touch to last click, eBrand Media is your navigator across today’s marketing landscape.

Paid Social

Social media has become a part of every consumer’s day-to-day life, yet organic reach via social continues to decline. eBrand Media helps clients harness the power of social and achieve their business goals by utilizing paid social media. eBrand Media Paid Social services include Social Audit, Multi-Channel Management and Strategy, and Social Listening. The eBrand Media Paid Social team will manage every aspect of your campaign from planning and execution through optimization and reporting.

Performance Display

Display advertising has the power to balance the re-targeting and prospecting necessary to grow your business efficiently. eBrand Media Performance Display services include Media Strategy, Media Planning and Buying, Campaign Optimization, Reporting, and Insights. The eBrand Media Performance Display team takes a multi-dimensional approach to focus on performance based display media strategies for achieving your marketing goals.

Conversion Rate Optimization

CRO helps to align the users initial pre-click motivation with their post-click intentions. The eBrand Media CRO team identifies frictional elements throughout the post-click experience and works to remedy them. eBrand Media CRO services include Competitive Analysis, Landing Page Testing, Conversion Path Testing, Problem and Solution Consultation, Design and Development, Heat Map Tracking and Analysis. The eBrand Media CRO team strives for results by utilizing expert testing experience, industry best practices, user data, and iterative testing strategies.

Paid Search Marketing

Other agencies download our whitepapers and license our technology. Our clients have always profited from the industry's leading SEM performance and enjoy access to exclusive beta programs. Our SEM services include Paid Search Account Audit, Pay-Per-Click Marketing Campaign Management, Mobile Advertising Campaign Management, Custom Audience Management, Analytics, Conversion Rate Optimization and more.

Shopping + Feeds

Our Shopping and Feed Team provides a full-service solution. From data feed building,,to crawling your site so that only current products are marketed at the right price, to campaign management, We will deliver optimum feed management optimization. eBrand Media feed services include Google Shopping, Bing Shopping, Data Feed Management, and Comparison Shopping Engines (CSE).

Why Us

Talent, Technology, Success, Value

Embrace the Superb

We’re passionate about being superb. As a result, we’ve instituted a number of safeguards to ensure that our partners and clients receive superior services and support.

Deliver results

We’re focused on solutions that deliver value and quantifiable results. Every strategy, tactic, and action has a specific, measured purpose.

Be generous

We’re open with our ideas and our time. We share with each other, with clients, and with our network of prospects and peers.

Encourage creativity

We disrupt the status quo when it’s no longer profitable. We’ve created an environment where we’re encouraged to think logically while trusting the intuition that leads to innovation.

Value curiosity

We want to understand what works and why it works so that we can turn it into a predictable and repeatable marketing solution. We strive to deliver the right combination of creativity, knowledge, skills and innovation.

Always be proactive

It’s in our DNA to think and act beyond what’s asked for so that we will continually provide greater value for our partners, our clients, and our employees


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