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Medianista Services

CSE and Google Shopping Management
Our CSE (Comparison Shopping Engine) management service enables Medianista to distribute a single feed to Google Shopping, Pricegrabber, Nextag and other comparison shopping websites. Our deeply seasoned feed-builders, inaugural partners with Yahoo! for the launch of the SSP program in 2002, will use advanced bid controls and diagnostic tools to optimize your feeds.

Database Management
You may be sitting on a goldmine perfectly tailored for the large monthly returns we can offer you through our powerful data management capabilities. Medianista utilizes industry-leading email deployment, delivery and optimization strategies to monetize your in-house email lists for you while never interfering with your remarketing mailings. Our technologies and seasoned professionals will create a continually optimized and risk-free revenue stream for you. Your company name will never be associated with our mailings. We'll do all of the work including making sure CAN-SPAM compliancy regulations are met.

Facebook Advertising
Facebook is a great opportunity for brands to harness the power of social media and cultivate an ongoing dialogue with their target consumer. Medianista uses proprietary tools and multivariate testing that centers around a performance optimization process that was built to deliver Facebook conversions. Thousands of combinations of creative images, ad copy, and targeting variants facilitate the generation of hyper-targeted traffic. User segmentation reports can be provided for client education about your fans, the messaging that appeals most to them, and the ways in which they are interacting on the Facebook platform.

Lead Generation
Our leads have been tested by many companies with different goals. The difference between leads generated with our programs and those generated from traditional lead generation companies is in the advertising. We've invested years refining an advertising formula that produces premium conversions, at a greater ratio, with reduced declines and charge back's. Medianista offers extensive reach through email, display, social media, and mobile advertising - on a pay for performance basis.

Media Campaigns
The internet world is competitive, constantly shifting and very complex. Medianista was born into this world. We know the lay of the land. As online marketing evolves, we're able to quickly respond to changes in its tempo and rhythm. We know its history and understand its emerging opportunities. We possess the knowledge and skill to lead you down a path to online success.

From developing marketing strategies to the creation, implementation and management of profitable ongoing projects, Medianista offers advertising and marketing solutions customized to fit your unique requirements.

Permission Based Email Marketing
Medianista manages in-house email lists for a number of Tier 1 companies. We're contracted to monetize their data with 3rd party offers like yours. Our verified audience platform gives you access to over 150,000,000 permission based people.

We'll send your stand alone CAN-SPAM compliant email with your value proposition, creative, messaging, from line, and subject line to people who have opt-ed in to receive offers like yours. Name brands you know and rust rely on us for customer acquisition.

Medianista is able to deliver tens of thousands of conversions month after month on a CPM or even a CPC basis.

Search Engine Marketing
The Medianista SEM solution will manage and optimize Google and Bing advertising to meet or beat your business objectives. Listed below are a few of the many key competitive differentiators which place us ahead of other agencies:

We think about your growth strategy and execution - What are your plans for dramatically increasing revenue in paid search? Work with us and not only will you have one; you'll see it successfully executed.

Proprietary technologies and systems - Many of our competitors license Marin or Kenshoo software, have it private labeled in their name, and then try to teach that sophisticated software on the fly to people freshly hired off the streets. As a result they burn and churn through account managers which leads to a degradation in client-side performance. We don't white label 3rd party SEM management software and try to pass it off as our own. This is our tech and talent.

Account management - The Medianista account management team has been together over 8 years. We work together naturally and efficiently to further client objectives.

Brand versus non-brand - While our competitors primarily manage brand terms for their clients; we increase non-brand revenue by turning products into search phrases that convert into revenue across all channels for our clients.

Medianista: high tech with a human touch.

Meet or Beat Expectations

Each project is assigned to a manager who will define and monitor the flow of the project from inception to completion. That person is responsible for focusing and utilizing our resources to successfully achieve your business goals. We will clearly understand your definition of success and we will do everything in our power to meet or beat your expectations.

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