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Core Values

Our values are at the heart of every thing we do. They foster our behavior and determine our results. They're a connection to our history, a measure of our success, and a guide for our future.

We believe that if you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.

The employees at eBrand Media, its divisions, and the companies we choose to partner with, are guided in their work and their interactions with others by six core principles - the values in which we believe. These are the same beliefs that have made us successful since our beginning in 2005.

It matters to us how we play the game
Integrity means honoring our principles - and the rules - even when nobody's watching. We observe our core values everyday. We play fairly and collaboratively. We believe honesty is a strong antidote to cynicism, and we think that puts us on the winning team.

Our clients mean everything to us
When a company becomes our client, they are, in essence, entrusting their hopes and dreams to us. We feel a responsibility to mentor our clients towards success and to place their interests ahead of ours.

Build relationships with open, clear communication
At eBrand Media, we are first and foremost, communicators. We communicate clearly, actively, and effectively with our clients. We work with our advertisers to convey their message to their intended audience. All that we do is based on this premise.

Relationships are of paramount importance
We strive to anticipate the needs and desires of our clients. We give advertisers candid consultation so that they can make informed choices. This leads to long-term relationships, the lifeblood of our business. Our stellar client retention rate enables us to treat every new prospect fairly, patiently and ethically.

Passion leads to success
We achieve excellence because we are emotionally, intellectually and spiritually engaged in our work. This is what makes us exceptional and our results unprecedented.

Inclusion makes us stronger
We cherish diversity. Embracing the feelings, thoughts and experiences of others makes us more complete, and better able to connect with our clients.

Rooted in Honesty

"A high standard of living will not lend itself to a high quality of life unless it is rooted in honesty."

- Anonymous

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