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About eBrand Media

eBrand Media is comprised of talented and committed people who challenge one another to apply exceptional thinking and craftsmanship towards producing superior marketing initiatives. We leverage the best and the brightest in the industry so that we can connect companies with customers. We use groundbreaking strategies, services and tools to create successful, lasting online relationships between brands and buyers. eBrand Media gives its clients the marketing advantages they need to succeed.

Our goal isn't to be the biggest agency, nor is it the objective of our senior management to become circuit speakers at all of the tradeshows. The eBrand Media Group was built upon the belief that clients deserve demonstrable results, a positive return on their advertising investment and smart, savvy, seasoned people managing their account. We put our money into continually improving our technologies and our systems in addition to investing in the ongoing education of our employees.

We feel a connection to our clients and to the greater world around us. Although, we're an eclectic ensemble, we're one in our desire to ensure that your company is better for having worked with us.

In keeping with the business and spiritual philosophies which guide us, we make these 10 commitments to you:

We will be honest in all affairs
It seems like honesty in all affairs would be a given. But there are too many companies that obfuscate or completely hide the truth. We take to heart that honesty is the best policy. We tell the truth even when it's painful or inconvenient for us to do so.

We will be advertising and marketing agnostics
Your company will be provided with a balanced assessment of the pros, cons and any potential risk prior to the launch of an advertising or marketing campaign. We are objective in our evaluation because we win when you win.

We will be your advocates
We stand by and with our clients. They are the lifeblood of our business. We do a large volume of business from a single point of purchase and this gives us a powerful negotiation position as your advocate.

We will be proactive
We will be genuine partners and we'll actively search for opportunities to broadcast your offer in the most profitable and cost-effective manner possible.

We will provide stellar customer service
The proof is in the taste of the pudding. Our client retention rate hovers at 98%.

We will not get greedy
We believe that it's more profitable to keep a client happy than it is to continually look for new ones. The maintenance of a mutually profitable business relationship requires an understanding that all parties involved are in business to make money. In the truest sense of partnership, we're willing to modify or adjust our fees if, in fact, they become an impediment to overall account growth. Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered. The difference between a pig and a hog is one pound.

We will continue to invest in our company
We don't fatten our wallets with dividends and bonuses. Our compensation is tied to our performance. We understand and respect Business Darwinism so we put our money back into the company because only the strongest and fittest survive.

We will hire and train the right people
The people we hire will often make the difference between profit and perish. We look for and keep people who are talented, forward thinking, conscientious and loyal. We have an unbeatable team. We take our time to finding the right people - it's time well spent.

We will only partner with companies that meet our high standards
We put each of the companies we partner with through a rigorous interview and testing process. We don't partner with companies because they're industry celebrities or because we'll make a larger margin. Only those companies that out-perform their competition are worthy of a relationship with us.

We will possess smart phones that are fertile and fruitful
We go out of our way to forge relationships with agents, vendors, competitors and colleagues because we never know where your next opportunity will come from. We keep our Blackberries updated and we don't let them gather dust because meetings and contacts today can turn into valuable opportunities tomorrow.

Strive to excel

We strive to deliver the right combination of creativity, knowledge, skills and innovation. We have been successful in doing so for many years. We are exclusive members of the Vista Research Society of Media Leaders because of our reputation, knowledge base and intellectual properties. In addition, we have a complete research library which is kept current by our participation in highly regarded think tanks and study groups. In short, we strive to excel.

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